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LSU Tigers | Official Game Football

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The new 2019 LSU Official Game Football is in. Are you? Order yours now from Big Game USA.

A three-color logo. A two-color swoosh. A top rated football for a top ranked program. That’s the benefit of being a player and a fan of LSU — your team will geaux above and beyond to guarantee the Tigers are playing with one of the most dynamic footballs in the game today.

Represent the purple and gold in 2018 with this Nike Vapor Elite LSU Official Game Football. And while we’re speaking of the team’s colors, this football is full of them with two Nike swoosh logos stamped in purple and gold, and a Tiger team logo featuring a fierce combination of purple, gold and chrome.

This 2018 LSU game ball possesses every component the players and coaches requested. The size, the shape, the leather, the tack and the laces were all tested and approved by the team. Big Game USA then hand-tailored each ball to perfection to deliver a football that could help boost the Tiger offense to the next level.

Take to Victory Hill, tailgates or watch parties with this official LSU game football in your possession. Get yours from Big Game USA today.

*Due to the handling process of natural, authentic leather, footballs may vary in color from the images shown.

3 reviews for LSU Tigers | Official Game Football

  1. cliffstumpf3 (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd LSU FOOTBALL that I’ve purchased from Big Game , USA. This Nike Game Balll is beautiful. The craftsmanship is perfect and I’m glad that I made the purchase. Shipping was also fast. Give Big Game, USA a call or order online. They won’t disappoint you.

    Cliff Stumpf

  2. Sarah Kaiser


    Thank you for the kind words and for being a great customer. Keep spreading the love!

  3. Jermaine Houston

    I second those emotions, I bought two balls from Big Game and they were exactly the way I wanted them. The craftsmanship and the professionalism that was put into them were awesome! #Salute to Bones and the rest of the company

  4. Sarah Kaiser

    Jermaine, thank you so much. We are going to keep making these great footballs for wonderful people like you and others around the world! Elite athletes love our footballs and count on them to score. A little secret…we have another special Tiger Football coming for the season. And if you haven’t heard it already, the LA High School coaches love the new Team Issue Game Footballs and you are going to see them all over fields on Friday nights in the Boot!

  5. tylerjonsmitt-7353

    My beautiful wife bought me a LSU game ball for Christmas this year ….. and it did not disappoint. The ball is perfection all the way around. You guys make a awesome product. The ball is to pretty to play catch with but I lay on the sofa and toss it and I love the genuine leather smell. Keep up the good work and GEAUX TIGERS 2019-2020 champs baby

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