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SMU Personalized Throwback

SMU personalized throwback football


Honor the Mustangs lifer with this SMU Personalized Throwback Football from Big Game USA.

Product Description

A lifetime supporter of the SMU Mustangs could also be called a throwback, given their history dedication to the program throughout the years. Because of their efforts and devotion, the deep-rooted fan deserves to be recognized, so accomplish that honor today with this SMU Personalized Throwback.

Each football is handcrafted in Texas and built to last a lifetime — just like the Mustangs supporter. The fan’s names will be printed prominently on an antiqued white panel between two Mustang logos and the dates of the three SMU National Championships (1935, 1981, 1982).

Give the proper tribute to the lifelong fan of the SMU Mustangs with this Personalized Throwback Football. Submit the name in the comments section during checkout to secure this commemorative ball.


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