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South Carolina Flag Football


Represent your state at tailgates and football watch parties with this South Carolina State Flag football from Big Game USA. 


Product Description

If you hail from The Palmetto State and you love the game of football, this South Carolina ‘State Series’ football was made for you. As part of Big Game USA’s State ‘State Series’, this regulation size football was created with a unique design exclusively for South Carolinians. 

This Team Issue handcrafted football features navy blue laces and displays the flag’s palmetto tree and crescent moon in silver. TEAM ISSUE is stamped underneath. The current flag was adopted in 1861. 

Fly your state spirit all over the backyard or parking lot by nabbing this South Carolina ‘State Series’ football from Big Game USA. Order now and be the first among your friends and family to score this new ‘State Series’ Football. 


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