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Florida State
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Florida State Seminoles | Official Game Football


Is two really better than one? For the 2018 Florida State Seminoles football team it is. Choose your favorite (or both) to kick your season off right. 

Product Description

When you’re a proven powerhouse with a history of success that spans nearly 120 years, you’ve earned the right the play with an official football — or footballs — that will help you reach your championship potential. In 2018, the Florida State Seminoles decided two were better than one, choosing a pair of handmade Nike Vapor Elite Official Game Balls to use throughout the upcoming season. 

The first game football features red leather under two garnet and gold Nike swooshes and an FSU team logo. “Vapor Elite” and “USA” are stamped on the top two panels near the laces, which is equipped with gametag® technology at the ball’s center. 

Florida State’s second game ball has a similar gold and garnet motif, but has a marked difference in color with its brown leather design. Both footballs were thrown, tested and approved by the Seminole offense, which means you’ll own the same ball as the players are playing with on the field.

2018 offers a new season, a new head coach, two new exclusive, official FSU footballs, and endless reasons to be excited about the Florida State Seminoles. Get your hands on one or both game balls from Big Game USA to tailgate, watch, play and cheer in style. 

*Due to the handling process of natural, authentic leather, footballs may vary in color from the images shown.


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