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Introducing Navy ALT Game Ball – Big Game USA

Navy_Anchor_3The US Naval Academy will be kicking off its new season on Aug. 30 against Ohio State, but that’s not the only news happening that day.

When the Midshipmen offense goes to work on Saturday, their football will look quite different than any other football ever used in a college stadium.

This football will be the first Big Game-branded football to be used in an NCAA game, and it’s been handcrafted to the exact specifications of Navy quarterbacks. While Big Game is known to manufacture footballs for many FBS powerhouse teams across the nation, Navy will be the first team to use a Big Game Model 1906 football as their primary ball.

To add more new to your news, the opening game football is a special edition ball that will feature a two-panel Midshipmen Anchor logo in navy and gold, which is another first. No other game ball has showcased a team logo on two panels. This unique football will only be used in Navy’s opening game versus Ohio State.

To top it off, Navy is one of four teams using gametag™ technology in its footballs this season — along with Texas A&M, Nebraska and Mississippi State. The Alternate Logo Technique (ALT) ball, as well as each Big Game USA Model 1906 football used by Navy this season, will be equipped with gametag™ to track and record the history of each football as it’s played with.

While most Anchor balls were sent to Navy, a few were held back so loyal fans of the game could get their hands on them. There is only a limited amount of Anchor footballs available for purchase, so grab one while you still can.

Following the Navy/Ohio State game, we expect to get a handful of game-used┬áAnchor balls back that will be filled with that football’s journey, and the impact it made on the game.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Big Game Anchor football this Saturday, Aug. 30 at 11 a.m. EDT.

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