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Why is a Football Called a “Pigskin”?

Have you ever wondered where the term “pigskin” originated? Out of all the nicknames for a football, pigskin is probably the most popular. But when did the moniker arise? And more importantly, why? Read on to get answers to these questions and more History of the Pigskin It may surprise you to learn that footballs […]

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Why is it Called the Gridiron?

To understand where the popular term “gridiron” originated, first we have to go back to the 14th century, when the word became commonly used to describe a metal grid for cooking over a fire. Now fast-forward to the late 19th century and early 20th century, when football as we know it today was just starting […]

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Big Game Makes It, No. 1 MSU Wins With It

Mississippi State is putting together a season to remember — a season of firsts. The Bulldogs have charged through their first six games, compiling a 6-0 record, including three straight victories in SEC play. A Heisman candidate at quarterback and a balanced offense have vaulted Miss. State into the limelight, taking the team to a […]

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