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Big Game USA – American Football Factory

Buy official college game balls from the largest All-American football factory on the planet

Whether our custom game balls are being hiked into the sure hands of a college quarterback on ESPN, or given to a proud high school coach to commemorate a successful season, each football you buy from Big Game boasts the same high level of quality that only comes from good ol’ fashioned American craftsmanship.

Who We Are

Two decades ago, an avid football fan named Chris Calandro developed and patented his own unconventional screening process for imaging on leather footballs. Big Game USA was born as a result, which, today, is proud to be the country’s #1 football manufacturer. In fact, no company ships more FBS college game balls than we do!

Here at Big Game, we don’t just make competitive footballs for official game play. We also offer display footballs that can be personalized for players, coaches and fans. These custom footballs make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, memorable games and any other special occasion.

We invite you to learn more about Our Story, and how one man’s idea on a football field in Dallas grew into the largest American-owned football supplier on the planet.


How We Operate

At Big Game, we believe footballs should be made on our home turf, not overseas! That’s why all our products are carefully assembled in the Big Game football factory in Dallas, Texas. Combining the latest manufacturing technology with time-honored American processes, Big Game is able to produce the best footballs and merchandise in the world at an affordable price. Take a tour of our state-of-the-art factory and see how it’s done!

Become an Expert on the Game

In addition to establishing yourself as a true fan of the game by owning the same type of football used by your favorite players on the gridiron and in practice, we invite you to learn the game better than ever by checking out The Playbook. This constantly-growing football knowledge center is an invaluable resource for fans interested in reading and commenting on the past, present and future of this great American game.

Shop Custom American Footballs

The Big Game team churns out 300 to 500 footballs by hand each day. These balls can be crafted with many different materials, including leather footballs made of buffalo, elephant, ostrich, and even alligator! Visit our college football store today and wrap your hands around a handcrafted pigskin. Be sure to browse through our other football products as well, including team merchandise, white autograph footballs and more!