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Our Story

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We’re as passionate about our footballs as you are about the game

In the early 90’s our owner Chris Calandro wanted to reward his high school football coaches with a keepsake ball after their State Finalist finish. Calandro took his project to several of the large football manufacturers, but they all turned down his order of only six footballs. Determined, Chris started to dabble with his own unconventional screen-printing process, and in his words, “. . . ended up getting a patent for imaging on footballs.”

From one man’s idea to America’s football stadiums . . .

Chris set up his factory in Dallas Texas, and in the years since his team has produced between 300 and 500 footballs by hand each day. Many of those balls are for official game-play, however Big Game also has a booming business in commemorative footballs. These balls can be made of virtually any material desired, even leathers made of elephant, ostrich, buffalo, and alligator! Many of our trophy balls become awards and mementos for pro and collegiate football players.

The reputation Big Game built creating custom footballs eventually led to our becoming a major manufacturer of collegiate regulation footballs. Today, no company on the planet ships more FBS college game balls than Big Game does. Each team’s footballs can be customized to the players’ liking, as long as they fall within NCAA specifications. We tailor our footballs’ dimensions, as well as the materials, to meet the players preferences – something made possible because each of our footballs is hand-crafted.

Other places you’ll see Big Game footballs

We’re proud that so many college teams choose Big Game for those autumn Saturdays, but we’re just as proud of how many of our commemorative footballs have become treasured personal keepsakes.

Our commemorative footballs have been given as gifts for father’s day, graduations, births, groomsmen, and even once for a marriage proposal! In addition, a Big Game football has been presented to every sitting U.S. President since we began operation, and President Obama has more than one!

American manufacturing for an American sport

We pride ourselves on manufacturing classic, attractive, durable products at a competitive cost. In a time when much of our country’s fabrication is outsourced abroad, we keep it right here at home, making footballs for American fans in the place where their favorite sport truly lives. That’s why Big Game USA’s footballs are truly . . .

As American as it gets.