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About our football production

How many footballs do you make every year?

About 40,000 per year. Help us make it 40,001.

How many people work at your football factory?

Currently we have about 35 skilled craftsmen and women working together to create by hand all the footballs we make.

Where do you get your leather from?

Cows, born and bred in the USA.

Do you give tours of your football factory?

Yes, we would love to show you around our factory. Just book your tour in advance by calling our main office at 972.292.0700.

How long should my Big Game football last? How can I tell when it’s wearing out?

Your football’s lifespan will depend on how often you throw it. If your football leather is slick and hard to grip and/or the ball starts to lose its shape, it’s probably time for a new one. We recommend getting a new ball each year, mostly because it’s fun. (Also, keep your football in great shape with our football wax and brush.)

Do you recycle worn out footballs? If not, what do you recommend doing with it when it’s time to get a new one?

Old worn out leather footballs make excellent chew toys for your dog.

Who plays with the footballs we make

Which college quarterbacks use your balls?

We supply the footballs used by over 50 college teams throughout the USA. See a complete list of who’s throwing a Big Game football this year. No company in the world ships more FBS college game balls than Big Game USA.

If so many teams use your footballs, how come you only sell a few here with team logos?

The footballs you see listed for sale in our online football store are only the teams we have a license to sell for. We hope to add more and more teams each year. In fact we’d love to hear which team’s footballs you’d like to see sold here. Please let us know!

How come the footballs the college teams use have Nike or Adidas on them, but the ones you’re selling don’t? Is it really the same ball?

Big Game has been hired to manufacture the game balls for Nike and Adidas. This means the same group of skilled craftsmen makes the Big Game branded ball as well as the Nike and Adidas branded footballs you see used at colleges around the country – with the exact same great quality materials. Don’t believe us? Come take a tour!

Do you make footballs for the NFL?

Yes, but only commemorative footballs. Wilson currently holds the contract for NFL game balls. We make the majority used in college football, and we also supply footballs for many high schools, youth, junior, and pee wee sizes, too.

I saw a picture of Barack Obama being presented with a Big Game football. What’s the story behind that?

Each year the team that wins the national championship is invited for a dinner at the White House. For decades a football made right here at the Big Game USA football factory has been presented to the President as a thank you gift from the team. So whether we like the current president, it’s a huge honor.

About buying a football from us

I just want to buy one football. Is that okay, or do you only sell bulk orders for teams?

Thanks to our nimble business model and domestic football manufacturing facility, making a single ball for you is no problem. We do offer discounts for larger orders.

How do I go about placing a bulk order for my team or special occasion?

We would love to work with your team. Please give us a call at 972-292-0700. We will connect you with a sales representative to be sure you get the prefect footballs for your team or special occasion.

If I want to buy a football personalized with someone’s name on it, how long does it take from the time I order until I receive it?

Normal production time is 10 – 12 business days. There are a few exceptions, though. Rush manufacturing and/or expedited shipping are also available if needed.

Where else do you sell your balls? Can I buy them in any football gear shops, or only on this website?

You can buy all of our footballs and merchandise right here on our site, and we also make some of our products available via a select few retailers with on select college campuses.

Do you ever have discounts or run promotions like free shipping?

Sometimes! Be sure to stay in touch through our blog and social media so you won’t miss it.

Can I order a football as a gift and have it sent to someone else?

Absolutely, just be sure to have your address as the “bill to” and the lucky football recipient’s address as the “ship to.” You can also leave us a message in the comment box as a part of the check-out process.