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Customized High School Footballs

Customized footballs are changing the game for high school teams.

Team Issue premium game footballs have started an uprising with High School teams across the Country.

Coaches and players nationwide are discovering the greatness of the unique design that features their brand — not ours. That’s because Team Issue is All About the Team.

But don’t let the revolutionary design fool you. Team Issue footballs are handmade by Big Game in the USA with unrivaled attention to detail and measured against industry-best quality control standards. They’re crafted from select top-grain cowhide that’s treated for unmatched grip you can feel right out-of-the-box. Also, each game ball is supremely balanced for better spin that’s more forgiving.

Team Issue premium game footballs are battle tested too. Every football built is made on the same production line using the same skilled craftsmen with the same materials Big Game uses to make footballs for most top college programs in the Country. Team Issue high school footballs used on Friday are held to the same standard as game balls that win Championships and Trophies on Saturday.

Big Game USA is the exclusive distributor for Team Issue so you won’t find these just anywhere. Join the uprising and order a 3 ball Tryout Pack now or go to for more details.

Get started by ordering the Team Issue Tryout Pack

Each Pack includes three footballs that represent our most popular options. Regardless of the configuration, Team Issue footballs are built according to the NFHS rules and specifications and are legal for use in all 50 states.

  • Pro Style: Designed with the pure passer in mind. Made using pro football’s red 864 leather with a pro shape for bigger handed quarterbacks and a clutch half stripe for a minimalistic feel.
  • Money Ball: Our most popular configuration. Features high-tack brown leather that’s shaped for average-sized hands. Shape Retention Stitch (SRS) enhances grip in the stripe area while helping the football retain its shape.
  • Dual Threat: Built for the scrambler who can shred defenses with his arm or his legs. Natural leather, a super slim shape for smaller hands and zigzag SRS for durability and grip.


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